When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, veneers are coveted. They will transform your smile instantly, providing results that leave you feeling confident. Before you have them, however, there are a few things your dentist wants you to know. Learning a little more about the process and aftercare allows you to decide if they're right for you.

They'll improve your dental bite

If you have under or overbite, you'll already know how challenging life can be. Veneers work with your natural teeth to enhance your dental bite. Using veneer coverings, it's possible to loosen crowded teeth that cause problems.

There's a lot of preparation involved in creating them

Getting veneers doesn't just involve popping into the dentist and achieving a same-day fitting. First, your dentist will need to take molds and xrays of your teeth. After this, they can begin planning the veneers. The xrays also allow them to plan how they'll shape your teeth for the veneer placement process.

Eventually, your dentist takes a model impression of your mouth. It can take two-to-four weeks for the right veneers to come back, so you may have to exercise some patience. When the final results arrive, they'll call you in to bond them to your teeth. 

You should start with good dental health

While veneers address the aesthetics of your mouth, they won't alter poor dental health. At your checkup, your dentist will look for cavities and signs of gum disease. Should you have them, you'll need to address them first before opting for the veneers.

If you're in the process of saving for treatment, now's the time to start cleaning your teeth regularly and keeping up with your twice-yearly appointments. Once the time comes to fit your new teeth, you'll have laid some decent groundwork for great results.

They're durable, but you do need replacements

Dental veneers are very durable, but they require replacing every ten years. To ensure yours go the extra mile, make sure you brush twice daily. You may also want to consider flossing and using a mouthwash too. If you're unsure how to approach caring for them, you need to ask your dentist for special advice.

In addition to looking great, veneers can boost your confidence, make it easier to speak and make chewing simpler. If you feel as though you're ready to try some, get in touch with your dentist. Together, you can form a plan that brings you closer to your chosen treatment.