Moving is a stressful experience in itself, but when you throw a change of country into the situation, there's a whole new level of emotion being experienced. You have just arrived in Australia with your spouse and kids, and life is such a whirlwind of change you're noticing a lot of tension in the home. Before this tension spirals out of control, consider these two reasons why relationship counselling will help you settle in your new home away from your native homeland.

Too much change in too little time

Moving to a new city in your existing country is normally exciting, but there's still plenty the same. You know what to expect when you enter the local department store and supermarket; the food hasn't really changed even though your living arrangement has.

However, when you move countries, even finding your favourite foods turns into a mission. So, as well as getting used to new currency, new home, new schools and new location, you've got to deal with food changes as well. When everything is happening at once, it is easy to get overwhelmed and not want to tackle any of it. It is also easy to get agitated at your spouse when too much emotion piles on. Relationship counselling during this time of change means you can talk about the niggles without them turning into major fights. 

Minimal support

As a general rule when you move overseas to a new country, you leave your existing support system behind. You can still contact your friends and family back in the homeland through phone and Skype, but with time differences it's not hard to feel alone.

Don't let these feelings of loneliness isolate you from your spouse. They are out of the house all day for work, so when they return, it is important you make the most of your time together. If you find yourself pushing your spouse away because you are struggling to find a niche for yourself in your new homeland, the bitterness you feel is a big strain on any marriage.

Marriage is a road that is not always plain sailing, and during times of emotional stress you lean on each other (especially when your normal support systems are no longer there). However, relying on each other 24/7 shows sides of personality which may irritate the other. Be sure to use professional counselling to get through this new experience, so that one of you does not end up returning home alone.