All mobility scooters work on the same principle. They help people who are less able-bodied get around more easily. Scooters aren't all the same, however. When you're choosing a scooter, you'll see that they come in different sizes and weights.

If regular or large scooters look a little too big for you, then a smaller travel scooter may work. These scooters work just like their bigger counterparts but are more compact. As well as size benefits, travel scooters have other advantages. What are they?

1. You Can Dismantle Travel Scooters

As travel scooters are designed for travel, they can be disassembled to break them into parts that are more portable. You may not be able to do this with bigger scooters; if you can, the parts themselves may still be too bulky.

If you can break down your mobility scooter, then you can easily get it into a car boot if you're going on a journey or holiday. This means you have your scooter with you so you can continue to get around easily when you get to your destination.

2. Travel Scooters Work in Smaller Spaces

The reduced size of a travel scooter means that it operates in small places where a larger scooter may not work. For example, you can get a travel scooter down a very narrow pathway. A bigger scooter might not fit on the path and may have to go in the road.

Also, you can use a travel scooter indoors as well as outside. These scooters are small enough to fit in and to be driven around even small apartments or houses. So, if you're finding it hard to get around your home as well as outdoors, then a travel scooter helps on both counts.

3. Travel Scooters Are Cost-Effective

If you buy a big behemoth of a scooter with almost as much power as a Formula One car, then you'll pay a premium for it. Travel scooters tend to be priced at the low end of the mobility scooter price range. So, you may find that this size and type of scooter suits your budget better than a regular- or large-sized alternative.

If you are thinking about buying a travel scooter and you do think you'll dismantle it for trips, then it's a good idea to get your mobility equipment supplier to show you how to prepare the scooter for travel. Dismantling a scooter only works if you, or someone with you, knows how to take it apart.