When you are considering the burial plot for your loved ones, you likely consider the headstone or marker. One of the aspects of the burial site you may not consider right away are memorial statutes. There are several statues that you can choose from and several options available to you. If you aren't sure what statue may be ideal for your loved one, here are some ideas to consider.

Solar Light

If you want to illuminate the area, you can use a solar light statue. The solar lights can light up a passage on the statue. They can also light up the statue as a whole. In addition to the solar lighting, you can also have statues that are equipped with footlights. These can be operated from solar power and will turn on at night, lighting up the statue. These types of memorial statues are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cemeteries that are not well lit at night or that do not have lighting in newer expansions of the cemetery.

Cremation Statues

You may have a loved one that wants to have a burial site, but is being cremated. There is a unique way that you can place their ashes at the site through the use of statues. You can purchase, or have commissioned, a statue that fits your loved one's personality. This can be an angel, animal or religious statue. The cremation ashes can be placed in the statue stonework. This provides housing for the cremation ashes and a memorial statue that can be moved if necessary without having to move the burial plot. 

Personalised Statues

You may find that you do not want a memorial statue that is typical. You may want a specific type of angel, religious statue, or design. In these cases, you can order a personalised statue. These statues can have any engraving or designs you would want. They can also have solar-powered lighting as well as scripture or passages that you would like to appear on the statue as well. If you have very specific designs, contact your artisan monument and statue creator to discuss options. 

If any of these statues appeal to you for your loved one's plot, contact your local memorial statuary dealer. They can help you with traditional statues as well as artisan designs. They can also take custom orders. If you have questions about pricing or about statues that can hold up under specific weather conditions, they can help you with those answers as well.