Children are more susceptible to encountering dental emergencies than adults. The added risk comes from the fact that their teeth are still developing and they do not fully understand the right procedures to safeguard their teeth. The first person you should call when your child gets into a dental emergency is your family dentist. Your child will probably be in shock or crying if there are in pain or they are bleeding. 

The dentist's familiarity will be reassuring to your child, which will increase the level of cooperation and speed of treatment. You can call your family dentist to help you deal with these common dental emergencies.

When They Stick Something Between Their Teeth

Getting objects stuck between the teeth is common in toddlers and preschoolers. They often stick parts of their toys, school stationery, and even lollies between their teeth. The stuck items hurt the gums and cause bleeding. Depending on the object's nature, it can also dislocate the tooth position and lead to excruciating pain.

If the object is not that firmly wedged in between the teeth, you can try and dislodge it. However, if there is blood and the child seems to be in a lot of pain, call your dentist and take the child in for emergency treatment.

When They Knock Out a Tooth

Children naturally lose their milk teeth after the age of five. Loss of the milk teeth is a natural process that starts with the tooth weakening until it falls off. However, teeth also get knocked off before the natural shedding process kicks in. Your child may knock out a tooth when playing, after a fall, and after any other accident that causes trauma to the face.

If they have already shed their first teeth, you have to try and preserve the tooth. You can gently rinse it and put it in a salt solution. If the tooth is in excellent condition, the dentist will put it back in the socket, and it will heal.

When They Have a Toothache

Children love starchy and sugary things, but they hate brushing their teeth. These two often lead to cavity development. If the cavities have reached the pulp cavity, your child will suffer toothache.

A family dentist can help perform a filling or root canal to end the pain and preserve the tooth. 

Call your family dentist immediately if your child has a dental emergency. They will help with the first aid to reduce pain and bleeding, and also the restoration process.